5 ways to prep your home for fall.png

Now that fall is here, here are five ways to prepare your home for the season:

Clean Fireplaces and Chimneys

Check for soot or creosote build-up. After removing all dust, soot, and additional debris, clean with a mixture of warm water, bleach, and Trisodium Phosphate. Know of any professional chimney sweepers? Give them a call before starting your first fire of the season.


Inspect and Clean Gutters

Clean your gutters and downspouts. When using a ladder, make sure you have a standoff stabilizer to keep the ladder from damaging the gutter. Also, consider making a minor home improvement by adding mesh gutter guards available at hardware stores and on amazon.


Replace Furnace Filters

Make sure to clean or replace your furnace filters. It’s a good idea to check your furnace at least once a year. Tip: when replacing a filter, look for the marking that tell you which side of the filter should face the furnace. Schedule a visit by a professional today t0 beat the last minute rush before winter commences.


Drain and Winterize Irrigation Systems

There are many steps for draining and winterizing your irrigation system. It all depends on whether you have a manual or automatic drain valve system. Use your air compressor to clear water from your sprinkler system. If you have a large sprinkler setup, tackle it zone by zone.


Repair Sidewalks, Driveways and Steps

Make sure you patch up all of those cracks before the winter freeze makes them worse. First, clean out any cracks in your sidewalk, driveway, or steps to your main entrance. Second, plug it with a pre-mixed filler or a paste of water and portland cement. Large cracks may require professional work as they require “undercutting”, a process of making a large crack even larger so the patch locks in place when it hardens.

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