You’ve been working toward it for years. After countless hours of hard work and making the right choices, it’s time for the Super Bowl: It’s time for you to buy your first home.

Your Quarterback:

Choosing the right REALTOR® is like drafting the right quarterback. Your REALTOR® will serve as your field general and he or she will also be able to help you determine the other players on your real estate team.

Your REALTOR® is the expert in knowing the home turf (the market), helping you figure out where to move the ball (neighborhoods and homes that are the right match for you), and ultimately leading you to victory (home ownership).

Once you have determined what home you want to purchase, your quarterback will help you choose the right plays and set the right pace for your offensive attack.

Your Running Back:

You found your dream home and the seller has agreed to sell it to you at an agreed-upon price. It’s first and 10.

Now is the time you may want to call for your home inspector to run the ball. The home inspector gets to the nitty-gritty of knowing your home and finding any issues you may need to be aware of to protect you and your investment. Once your home inspection is done, your REALTOR® will help you determine which, if any, repairs you may want on the home.

Your home inspector will help you move the chains or at least keep the defense honest so you can open up the air attack.

Your Wide Receiver:

Now that your home inspection is done and the repairs are done, your star wide receiver should have a little more space to work on your air attack. While loan officers often work with the big bucks, they fortunately try to avoid the drama that follows most elite NFL receivers.

Your loan officer walks you through the finances, helping you determine the right loan for you and your situation, and making the big plays to get you down to the goal line.

“Defense Wins Championships:”

Touchdown! So you’ve scored your dream home and victory is within grasp. However, your defense has to make one final stop to bring home the trophy. Your closing agent or attorney will make sure you are protected and keep the other team in check. He or she will make sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. As the last line of defense, he or she will make the final goal line stop and seal the win.

When it’s time to buy a home, choosing the right real estate team can help you win the big game. When choosing your real estate team, give me a call, and let’s achieve your real estate victory together.